Our Business

Founded in Guangzhou in 1906, the Li & Fung Group is a multinational group of companies driving strong growth in three distinct core businesses - export sourcing through Li & Fung Limited, distribution through Integrated Distribution Services Group Limited (IDS) and retailing through Convenience Retail Asia Limited (CRA) and other privately held entities. The Li & Fung Group has a total staff of over 35,000 across 40 economies worldwide, with a total revenue of US$16.7 billion in 2008.

Our Companies

Li & Fung (1937) Ltd, a privately held business entity headquartered in Hong Kong, is the controlling shareholder of the Li & Fung Group of companies.
Listed entities of the Group include Li & Fung Limited (stock code: 0494), Integrated Distribution Services Group Limited (stock code: 2387) and Convenience Retail Asia Limited (stock code: 08052).
Privately held retailing entities include fashion retailing businesses Trinity and Branded Lifestyle, and toys and children product specialty chain store Toys"R"Us, operated by Toys LiFung (Asia) Limited.
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The Group's export trading arm is Li & Fung Limited one of the largest supply chain management company that manages the supply chain of high-volume, time-sensitive consumer goods through its office network in close to 40 economies.

The Group's distribution businesses are housed under the Integrated Distribution Services Group which provides its customers a menu of Integrated-Distribution Services in three core business across Asia: Manufacturing, Logistics and Marketing.

Convenience Retail Asia Limited operates the Circle K convenience store chain and the Saint Honore Cake Shops in Hong Kong and Southern China with a network of over 500 outlets.